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Here at Bigwave, we make certain that your demands are met in the best way possible. Because your satisfaction is more important to us than anything else.

23/5 customer support

With a support team 23/5 Bigwave always support you in the process of buying BOT as well as after-sales modes.

Transparent information

All information about Bigwave is transparent. All the details information, please contact Bigwave support for specific support.


A division that provides information and tools to help investors benefit in the foreign exchange market. To assist the Vietnamese market in raising its understanding of the financial industry and reaching out to the rest of the globe.


With a long-term goal in mind. Bigwave constantly maintains its customers' information, money, and payment security policies private. Throughout, confidential values will be maintained.

Public data

The data about Bigwave BOT is clearly public. Incentives as well as selling prices are public, price changes will be announced in advance or will be updated on the website or Fanpage.

People & Dignity

In business, PRESTIGE always comes first. With Bigwave that is no exception. Bigwave always puts its reputation first with the motto of going long in the financial field.

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Dealers will enjoy different policy regimes, for more information,
please contact Bigwave Support for specific advice.